Jun. 16th, 2009

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It was exactly a month ago that I met my fellow Contikians for our pre-tour meeting. Or rather I think we were pissing up for Robyn's birthday at this stage. I mean what better way to break the ice than to celebrate your fellow tourmate's birthday out on the piss?
Little did I know that within the next two weeks I would spend over a month's pay (totally worth it), gain a couple of kilos from all the food they kept feeding us (much to the disgust of my jeans) but most importantly make over 50 new friends from all over the world, who would all contribute to an amazing holiday I will never forget.

I can't say I'm a big fan of Facebook notes, but I wanted a record on both here an FB so decided to make this public so that it'll automatically show up on my profile.
I have also decided that from now on that everything except my travel entries will be friends only from now on. That seems okay right? Comments will be screened anyway.

Okay. So Day-by-day account of my two and a bit weeks in New Zealand. Just a warning. This is going to be huge. So feel free to skim through or just check out the pretty pictures/videos.

Or better yet here is our official video which sums it all up better then I could. The only thing missing is Kellye's dancing. hahahah

Yeah that's me dancing. Created by Pumbaa. Uploaded by moi since Youtube muted the music.
Where many refreshing beverages were consumed )

And I'm spent.
I'll do part two later.


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