Sep. 1st, 2009

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And by some I mean the certificate for AJ Hackett for doing the Nevis Bungee Jump! Oooohhh yeah. I am awesome. It was terrifying.
Queenstown is an awesome town. Love it. I'll definitely be back next year. The weather on the other hand has been pretty horrible. Actually I think I'm jinxed. My poor camera has decided to go into a coma, the screen is completely fucked but it still takes pictures and seeing it's so old I don't know whether it's worth getting fixed. *cries*
Oh! And I did the Canyon Swing again yesterday. They recognised me (well kinda) so I got my second jump for free! Booyeah!
Went up to the Gondola and luge here but it's not as good as the one up on the North Island.
Have only been snowboarding for three days because they keep closing the damn fields. *shakes fist* Hopefully the weather will be better tomorrow and Thursday.
Chris is being lame and boring. He's currently passed out on the couch so I got sick of annoying him and decided to update.
I just realised that I never finished the second part of my contiki write up. My bad. Maybe will do it when I get back.
So now all I have to decide is whether to go out tonight. The weather is crap and Chris is refusing to come out.
Have met some awesome people here (haven't run into your fella yet Jacqui!) but still feel a bit wierd going out by myself.
I suppose I could go on that Big Night Out tour thing right? What dya think? Yay or nay?
Gotta go,
Love Me!


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