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Nov. 18th, 2008 09:55 pm
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I'm making this public because I told the family that updating this would be far easier then me being ripped off for calling overseas.
Oh and dad please don't forget to send off that fax please about my external hard drive. They can't start on fixing it until that payment confirmation is sent to them. Thanks! (Yeah I finally found a place that could fix my external hard drive and for $1600! That's heaps cheap compared to the other quotes I got).

So yes I'm alive and currently in Kuala Lumpar (and I'm pretty sure I spelt that wrong) airport. Actually, I'm in the Plaza Premium Lounge and its heaps schnazy. I get free food and booze, (full buffet booyeah!) all the internet access I want, shower, massage and heaps of other things.
And me being a rehab goes to the internet point first. hahahah
It says its 10pm here sooo I've still got at least another eight hours to kill. There's heaps of shops but I'm not bothering.
The toilets here flush themselves, it was so weird.
Oh and it smells heaps nice too.

Flight was good. I ended up getting to the boarding gate right on final call despite getting to the airport what two hours early? I got a few hours sleep and watched Wall-E, Mamma Mia and a couple of tv shows in between sleep. They had The Dark Knight and I thought I'd finally catch up with the rest of society and watch it but it was in another language.  =( Oh well.
But yeah the flight - wasn't even half full! I got my window sleep and the entire aisle so stretched out, used up the other seats pillows and blankets and made myself heaps comfy.
Oh and the food was good too, so I dunno what everyone else is going on about when they say airport food is crap.
And the flight attendants gave us facial wipes and the bathroom had like cologne and hand cream and all sorts of stuff. Pretty good for selecting the cheapest flight eh? *grins*

The view was amazing, we flew over Northern Territory and it was so crazy seeing just orange everywhere. Passed out soon after and before I knew it it was dark again

Cambodia tomorrow! I'll try and update when I can.

OH! I almost forgot! I checked my uni email and I got an email back from that Debra chick about my industry placement report, (long story) but it's all good! So as long as I didn't screw up my exams I'll be graduating in December! YAY! She even wished me a good trip. hahaha

Anyways I feel stinky so I'll get going.

Love Mel

p.s. oh shit E'ling I forget about the Veronicas tickets. I'm so sorry, everything was so crazy. Hopefully you'll get this in time to maybe purchase some and I'll pay ya when I get back?


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