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Siem Reap is amazing. I really don't know how to describe it here without using a whole bunch of cliche's so I'll just say that I absolutely love it here. The hotel I've been staying at is so nice, I ended up staying another night.
Cocktails here cost between US$2 and $4 so last night when it was the tour group's last night together we all got incredibly smashed (oh like you're surprised). Ended up spending half of yesterday trying to recover and the heat didn't exactly help.
Ankor Wat is breathtaking (well when there aren't a few thousand people surrounding you anyway), we got up early a couple of days ago to see the sunrise and it was just wow.
I've actually been really good with my money, only a couple of pressies and instead of money we give out the little hotel soaps and shampoos to the beggers or little kids.
There's geckoes everywhere you look.
I was originally going to try to go up to Rattanakiri but that takes two days to get there and I just don't have enough time. Plus I'm slightly paranoid about missing my plane. Then I was going to head up to Battambang but didn't really feel like spending 11 hours on a boat just for one night. So its back to Phnom Penh today, am going to give myself a pamper day and spend tomorrow at the markets.
TBH Phnom Penh is a hole. It stinks, but everything is much cheaper.
This keyboard sucks, and my bus should be here soon so I'll try and update again before I leave Cambodia but who knows?
I'll make a proper update with a couple photos when I get back.


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