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Back at Kuala Lumpar airport and am trying to find a way to fill in the next couple of hours.
Cambodia was awesome and it was exactly what I needed. Originally when I booked the tour I didn't think I'd have enough time to do everything I wanted, but we ended up doing so much and it all worked out perfectly. I had a blast. I've been on so many tuk-tuks that I've almost forgotton what it's like to be in a normal closed-in car, cyclos, dodgy boats that don't meet any of the international standards and sat on the back of a motorcycle without a helmet zooming around Siem Reap. I've climbed every temple we went to, my shins and feet were shot to bits (so I left a little blood behind on a sacred temple... is that really bad?) and then pampered myself with this thing called a Fish Massage where a few hundred tiny fish nibble on the dead skin on your feet and ankles. I couldn't stop laughing, it tickled so much.
We corrupted our tour guide by teaching him waaaayy too many horrible english phrases so I actually kinda pity the next tour group he's stuck with.
I've had my inner ancient history geek wake up from an almost five year slumber, so whilst everyone was zoning off when Thy (tour guide) was telling us about it I would try and make mental notes of as many of the stories as possible. I'm horrible with dates though so tuned them out.
The last day/night with the tour group was definitely the best, got back to the hotel about 4 or maybe 5am in the morning. One bar would close and we'd just move along down to the next. Ended up meeting up and playing pool with English and Irish guys and doing shots with some Americans before stumbling back to the hotel.
And I've scored myself a window seat for the flight home. Booyeah!
Ok gotta go, time's up. I'll post pictures and proper update when I get back.
Love Mel

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