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And by some I mean the certificate for AJ Hackett for doing the Nevis Bungee Jump! Oooohhh yeah. I am awesome. It was terrifying.
Queenstown is an awesome town. Love it. I'll definitely be back next year. The weather on the other hand has been pretty horrible. Actually I think I'm jinxed. My poor camera has decided to go into a coma, the screen is completely fucked but it still takes pictures and seeing it's so old I don't know whether it's worth getting fixed. *cries*
Oh! And I did the Canyon Swing again yesterday. They recognised me (well kinda) so I got my second jump for free! Booyeah!
Went up to the Gondola and luge here but it's not as good as the one up on the North Island.
Have only been snowboarding for three days because they keep closing the damn fields. *shakes fist* Hopefully the weather will be better tomorrow and Thursday.
Chris is being lame and boring. He's currently passed out on the couch so I got sick of annoying him and decided to update.
I just realised that I never finished the second part of my contiki write up. My bad. Maybe will do it when I get back.
So now all I have to decide is whether to go out tonight. The weather is crap and Chris is refusing to come out.
Have met some awesome people here (haven't run into your fella yet Jacqui!) but still feel a bit wierd going out by myself.
I suppose I could go on that Big Night Out tour thing right? What dya think? Yay or nay?
Gotta go,
Love Me!
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I'm in Queenstown! Again! haha
Spent a shitload of money already. My card is crying.
Wanted to make a voice post but the number doesn't work anymore. What the hell? When did this happen? Tried looking for it on LJ Faqs and support but it's been removed. Blarg.
Went snowboarding yesterday. Was AWESOME. Only fell over a couple of times so yay! We did two lessons so that we wont completely stack it half way down the hill. Bit nervous of the chairlifts and there's no way you're getting me on those t-bars.
Have found out that Chris has inherited dad's dawdling (I have a feeling I've mispelt that) gene. Oh and that I'm turning more and more into my mother. Save me! Would've liked to have dragged Andrew along so that the parents could have a child free week and a half (how nice am I?) but he couldn't get the time off work. Boo. :(
The weather is shit today, so we're bumming around town. Will hopefully go to the Twilight ski sesson tomorrow. Will be awesome.

Gotta go!
Love Me
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It was exactly a month ago that I met my fellow Contikians for our pre-tour meeting. Or rather I think we were pissing up for Robyn's birthday at this stage. I mean what better way to break the ice than to celebrate your fellow tourmate's birthday out on the piss?
Little did I know that within the next two weeks I would spend over a month's pay (totally worth it), gain a couple of kilos from all the food they kept feeding us (much to the disgust of my jeans) but most importantly make over 50 new friends from all over the world, who would all contribute to an amazing holiday I will never forget.

I can't say I'm a big fan of Facebook notes, but I wanted a record on both here an FB so decided to make this public so that it'll automatically show up on my profile.
I have also decided that from now on that everything except my travel entries will be friends only from now on. That seems okay right? Comments will be screened anyway.

Okay. So Day-by-day account of my two and a bit weeks in New Zealand. Just a warning. This is going to be huge. So feel free to skim through or just check out the pretty pictures/videos.

Or better yet here is our official video which sums it all up better then I could. The only thing missing is Kellye's dancing. hahahah

Yeah that's me dancing. Created by Pumbaa. Uploaded by moi since Youtube muted the music.
Where many refreshing beverages were consumed )

And I'm spent.
I'll do part two later.

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Back at Kuala Lumpar airport and am trying to find a way to fill in the next couple of hours.
Cambodia was awesome and it was exactly what I needed. Originally when I booked the tour I didn't think I'd have enough time to do everything I wanted, but we ended up doing so much and it all worked out perfectly. I had a blast. I've been on so many tuk-tuks that I've almost forgotton what it's like to be in a normal closed-in car, cyclos, dodgy boats that don't meet any of the international standards and sat on the back of a motorcycle without a helmet zooming around Siem Reap. I've climbed every temple we went to, my shins and feet were shot to bits (so I left a little blood behind on a sacred temple... is that really bad?) and then pampered myself with this thing called a Fish Massage where a few hundred tiny fish nibble on the dead skin on your feet and ankles. I couldn't stop laughing, it tickled so much.
We corrupted our tour guide by teaching him waaaayy too many horrible english phrases so I actually kinda pity the next tour group he's stuck with.
I've had my inner ancient history geek wake up from an almost five year slumber, so whilst everyone was zoning off when Thy (tour guide) was telling us about it I would try and make mental notes of as many of the stories as possible. I'm horrible with dates though so tuned them out.
The last day/night with the tour group was definitely the best, got back to the hotel about 4 or maybe 5am in the morning. One bar would close and we'd just move along down to the next. Ended up meeting up and playing pool with English and Irish guys and doing shots with some Americans before stumbling back to the hotel.
And I've scored myself a window seat for the flight home. Booyeah!
Ok gotta go, time's up. I'll post pictures and proper update when I get back.
Love Mel

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Siem Reap is amazing. I really don't know how to describe it here without using a whole bunch of cliche's so I'll just say that I absolutely love it here. The hotel I've been staying at is so nice, I ended up staying another night.
Cocktails here cost between US$2 and $4 so last night when it was the tour group's last night together we all got incredibly smashed (oh like you're surprised). Ended up spending half of yesterday trying to recover and the heat didn't exactly help.
Ankor Wat is breathtaking (well when there aren't a few thousand people surrounding you anyway), we got up early a couple of days ago to see the sunrise and it was just wow.
I've actually been really good with my money, only a couple of pressies and instead of money we give out the little hotel soaps and shampoos to the beggers or little kids.
There's geckoes everywhere you look.
I was originally going to try to go up to Rattanakiri but that takes two days to get there and I just don't have enough time. Plus I'm slightly paranoid about missing my plane. Then I was going to head up to Battambang but didn't really feel like spending 11 hours on a boat just for one night. So its back to Phnom Penh today, am going to give myself a pamper day and spend tomorrow at the markets.
TBH Phnom Penh is a hole. It stinks, but everything is much cheaper.
This keyboard sucks, and my bus should be here soon so I'll try and update again before I leave Cambodia but who knows?
I'll make a proper update with a couple photos when I get back.

Day 2!

Nov. 20th, 2008 04:55 pm
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Gotta make this a quick one - am about to head out on a cruise with my tour group.

Today we ended up at the Killing Fields, S21 Prison (I can't remember how to spell its proper name - my bad), the Russian Markets, Golden Palace and Silver Pagoda. It was unreal to say the least.

Have taken lots of photos - bought a new memory card for a couple of bucks, heres hoping it wont fail on me.

My group is pretty awesome - everyone is heaps nice oh and everything is so freaking cheap! I haven't had any need for an ATM since I left Sydney. We also went sight-seeing via Cyclo which was scary. I swear I felt like I was going to die at most of the intersections. hahaha

Anyways I might try and make a proper update tomorrow or the day after, we gotta get up at 6am to leave for Siem Reap. Ankor Wat temples, I can't wait!

<3 Me!
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Have arrived and am in my first hotel here. It's nice and all I want is to curl up and get some sleep. Passing out in the airport lounge is only fun for a short period of time.
Oh I forgot to add yesterday - they had this thing called an Arotrain which was like a tram (but moved as fast as a monorail) that took you between the international and domestic airports. It was sooo cool.
Flight was good - ended up sitting next to a couple on their honeymoon who are also from Sydney! Chatted with them and some random dude behind us who informed us all he used to be a meteorogist and told us all about the clouds we were flying over.
So yeah arrived at the airport, freaked out slightly but it was all good! Ended up getting on what I think is a Tut-tut thing. Its like a golf buggy but drives faster and oh my god the roads here are crazy. People dont believe in blinkers or driving safely, it's go as fast as you can, all over the place and horns blaring everywhere. I was clutching onto my bag and the seat (because there's no seat belt obviously) like crazy.
Anyways I wanted to make this one quick, am about to go check out the markets or something.
Love Mel

I did it!

Nov. 18th, 2008 09:55 pm
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I'm making this public because I told the family that updating this would be far easier then me being ripped off for calling overseas.
Oh and dad please don't forget to send off that fax please about my external hard drive. They can't start on fixing it until that payment confirmation is sent to them. Thanks! (Yeah I finally found a place that could fix my external hard drive and for $1600! That's heaps cheap compared to the other quotes I got).

So yes I'm alive and currently in Kuala Lumpar (and I'm pretty sure I spelt that wrong) airport. Actually, I'm in the Plaza Premium Lounge and its heaps schnazy. I get free food and booze, (full buffet booyeah!) all the internet access I want, shower, massage and heaps of other things.
And me being a rehab goes to the internet point first. hahahah
It says its 10pm here sooo I've still got at least another eight hours to kill. There's heaps of shops but I'm not bothering.
The toilets here flush themselves, it was so weird.
Oh and it smells heaps nice too.

Flight was good. I ended up getting to the boarding gate right on final call despite getting to the airport what two hours early? I got a few hours sleep and watched Wall-E, Mamma Mia and a couple of tv shows in between sleep. They had The Dark Knight and I thought I'd finally catch up with the rest of society and watch it but it was in another language.  =( Oh well.
But yeah the flight - wasn't even half full! I got my window sleep and the entire aisle so stretched out, used up the other seats pillows and blankets and made myself heaps comfy.
Oh and the food was good too, so I dunno what everyone else is going on about when they say airport food is crap.
And the flight attendants gave us facial wipes and the bathroom had like cologne and hand cream and all sorts of stuff. Pretty good for selecting the cheapest flight eh? *grins*

The view was amazing, we flew over Northern Territory and it was so crazy seeing just orange everywhere. Passed out soon after and before I knew it it was dark again

Cambodia tomorrow! I'll try and update when I can.

OH! I almost forgot! I checked my uni email and I got an email back from that Debra chick about my industry placement report, (long story) but it's all good! So as long as I didn't screw up my exams I'll be graduating in December! YAY! She even wished me a good trip. hahaha

Anyways I feel stinky so I'll get going.

Love Mel

p.s. oh shit E'ling I forget about the Veronicas tickets. I'm so sorry, everything was so crazy. Hopefully you'll get this in time to maybe purchase some and I'll pay ya when I get back?
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Kimi is sick and upset.
So I made this to make her feel better.

Her reply?

17/08/2008   21:00:35   http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=34560950182&subj=593374176   (*) Queen Mello (*)   hahahah we should print out copies n post them on all the noticeboards around uni
17/08/2008   21:00:37   http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=34560950182&subj=593374176   (*) Queen Mello (*)   lol
17/08/2008   21:00:40   (*) Queen Mello (*)   http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=34560950182&subj=593374176   AHAHAHAHAHA
17/08/2008   21:00:45   (*) Queen Mello (*)   http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=34560950182&subj=593374176   OH MY GOD THAT IS AWESOME
17/08/2008   21:00:47   (*) Queen Mello (*)   http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=34560950182&subj=593374176   hahahahahaha
17/08/2008   21:01:49   http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=34560950182&subj=593374176   (*) Queen Mello (*)   o man i laughed do hard im in pain
17/08/2008   21:02:03   http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=34560950182&subj=593374176   (*) Queen Mello (*)   mel u just made my throat like a gizzilion times worse!

I think my job has been done.
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Because I've become paranoid about who could be reading this  this thingy has pretty much become 'Friends Only.'

And since I dont have any cool picture to place below you'll just all have to be suffer.

Finally got around to getting one:

You're more then welcome to add me if you want to read my rantings...not really sure why but then its not my decision hey? :P So as long as your willing to bow leave a message after the beep...




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