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Birthdate:Jan 3
About Me ♦ Contents ♣ Friends Only ♥ Credits + Links ♠ Other
Hey, my name is Mel and I have issues with my name. So its Just Mel. Although I have been on occasion to respond to Melly or Rehab.
I will ignore you if you call me by my full name.
Unlike what appears to be the rest of the LJ community, I'm not particularly creative. (Seriously, the best thing I ever drew was a lizard back in year five and even then I traced half of it.) So I do tend to ramble on.
I love letting my inner child out. Some would say I'm immature but personally I think they're all just being boring.
I'm amused easily and it's the little things that keep me happy. I'm often in my own little world, so don't interrupt me.
Oh and I'm a complete hug whore.
The only reason this journal exists is because I have a horrible memory. I want to be able to look back on these entries later and remember the little things I would've otherwise forgotten about.
Right now most of the content in my journal consists of incoherent (and often drunk) ramblings, reminiscing outings, complete dumb moments, making promises to myself that I can't keep and worrying anecdotes about my cooking skills or rather lack thereof amongst other things.
I write solely in this thing for me and not an audience. So I will bitch, post memes and generally spam this with my random thoughts as I please.
To be honest I'm not really interesting. If you're lucky you may occasionally get a semi-humourous or thought-provoking post but don't hold your breath.
My journal is friends-only simply because I'd prefer to know who's reading my stuff. I really don't like the thought of strange people I don't know reading up on my life, it's too creepy. Or worse people I know and dislike reading this.
Geez how up myself do I sound? I'm not really. :)
Public entries are of my few travels to update family, and non-lj friends that want to know what I'm up to.
To be honest, I'm probably doing you a favour by keeping all my stuff f-locked.
I'm assuming that if you've gotten this far you're either a procrastination whore or stalker. Get back to work you slacker.
Credit goes to [info]gossymer for this cute profile code.

The theme belongs to [info]upsa_daisy for the awesome Finding Nemo mood theme.

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Oh and Twatlight = love.

RIP Muffin. :(

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